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Introduction to Using MongoDB with Spatial Data

9 minute read

NoSQL databases are unlike many traditional SQL databases. In this tutorial we will review the differences between NoSQL and relational databases such as PostgreSQL, the strengths and weaknesses of a NoSQL database, and the reasons you might choose to use or avoid a NoSQL database. We will also demonstrate executing both spatial and non-spatial queries in MongoDB

Cartographic Design

1 minute read

This is a collection of maps I’ve created, mostly for a Cartographic Design class at Temple University, as part of their Professional Science Masters in GIS. Software used in this class included Adobe Illustrator, Mapbox, OpenStreetMap, and QGIS.

Issues Surrounding the Release of Cellular Location Data

14 minute read

Through Spring and Summer 2018, a network of companies buying and selling access to the location of every customer of the four major carriers has been partially unveiled. Despite clear federal regulations governing receiving consent before providing access to customer data, some companies had rather loose consent policies.