I’m Claude Schrader, a dad and community focused tech enthusiast from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I am lucky to live in the East Kensington section of Philadelphia. This neighborhood is very diverse, and rapidly in flux. There is currently new construction happening in every direction, and we are lucky to have some great stores, including the only comic store on the east coast owned by a black woman, and a food co-op.

I’m on the board of Arcadia Commons, a local nonprofit formed to help save and protect greenspaces around East Kensington. As development activity in our neighborhood increases, we are working to help ensure some of it remains safe and accessible to everyone to enjoy.

About the Site:

From 2004 until January 2018, I worked in Information Technology. I developed strong expertise in Linux and Unix systems administration, networking, storage, and scripting and automation.

After noticing the growth and opportunity surrounding data-focused jobs, in January 2018 I decided to shift my career a bit and go back to school at Temple University for a Professional Science Masters in GIS. This site has served as a place for me to document my education as I shift my career into an exciting new direction.